the force that brings together two or more ideas.

a method of ensuring the unity of two parties. abbr. synchronization.

If you are looking for computer services to help you with your next technology initiative, let us tell you why GravitySync is the best partner for your project.

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Learn more about the value we can bring to your organization by visiting the Services & Solutions section of our site.

Personal Service

As we celebrate 10 years of computer services, our average staff person has been with GravitySync for 6 years. We have worked together on dozens of projects. These projects include development of entire websites, redesign of existing websites, intranet and extranet development, custom web application development, database integration, networking, building custom PC's, desktop / laptop servicing, and customized computer training.

GravitySync's principals still work with clients all day, everyday. We don't try to win you over with slick marketing materials, a charismatic sales rep, empty promises, techno speak or any other tactics. We give you experience, competence and integrity in completing your type of project.

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As technology goes, we go. As technology grows, we grow.

GravitySync provides you with only the most adaptive technologies. We will not leave you with products or services that cannot be easily maintained or upgraded.

Our solutions provide industry standard equipment with professional installation and service. We encorporate usability and functionality while using parts that are easily interchangeable and upgradeable. What good is a technology product that cannot be easily serviced and maintained?

Our training services are goal oriented with you, our client, in mind. Using hands on techniques and supplying you with resource materials, we will ensure that your educational experience will be enlightening, applicable, and most of all benefitial to your success.

Our Web Systems Development solutions go far beyond great web design. We create user-friendly, highly functional websites, using industry standard technologies (HTML, JavaScript, ASP, XML, etc), that can be modified by any competent programmer. We also offer feature-rich solutions that use content management systems for easy editing by non-technical staff.

You can view many of the cost effective solutions that we offer in the Services & Solutions section of our site.

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In order to ensure success on each project, we assign a Project Manager who serves as your single point of contact. The Project Manager coordinates all GravitySync resources required for your project. He/She will communicate the issues, challenges, options and risks associated with each phase of your project. We work with you to think through all possible scenarios, dependencies and future requirements.

We also set up a project website where you can see the progress at all stages of the project. In many instances, the project website will include communication tools that make it easier to collaborate.

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Track Record

In 8 years our staff has never failed to complete a project, never been sued by a client, and never had a client refuse to pay us. We get almost all of our jobs by personal referrals and referrals from satisfied clients. In short, we treat our clients like they deserve to be treated - like our most valuable asset.

Please visit our Clients Page to see a sample of web-based projects we have executed for several of our satisfied clients.

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GravitySync is dedicated to providing you with technology that fits your needs. While some of our clients choose to "keep up with the Jones's" by having the latest and greatest, many of our clients wish to find solutions that are a better fit, encorporating functionality and usability within a budget. Not everyone wears the same size shoe, and not every client has the same needs.

We at GravitySync will provide you with the added service of solution/cost evaluation. This will identify your needs and avoid excess spending.

You can always find computer services that are cheaper as well as services that are more expensive. Our clients agree that it is hard to find a services partner providing more value. We are able to keep our prices reasonable by keeping our overhead low and developing long-term relationships with our clients. You will find that in the long term you save time and money by hiring a computer services company that will do it right the first time.

Our hourly rates have changed with technology and currently range from $35 - $95 per hour depending on the type of work required. We also offer "fixed-fee" service agreements when there is a well defined Scope-of-Work.

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Contact Us
Contact us today at (509) 416-6590 or e-mail us to receive a free, no obligation consultation on how we can help you with your project.

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